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As pet owners, we understand the importance of keeping our furry friends safe and comfortable in all kinds of weather.

That’s why we’ve been checking out the XSY&G Dog Boots. Designed for medium to large dogs, these boots offer protection from harsh conditions like hot pavements and snowy paths.

They come with adjustable reflective Velcro straps for a snug fit, offering both visibility at night and security to ensure they won’t easily slip off.

Crafted from high-quality materials, they are durable, wear-resistant, and offer a comfortable fit for your dog’s paws. The anti-slip soles provide extra traction, aiding in stability across various surfaces.

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XSY&G Dog Boots

In terms of performance, these boots have been widely appreciated by customers for their thick protective soles and durability, especially for active dogs.

Despite the positives, some customers have noted sizing issues, underscoring the importance of carefully following the measurement instructions for a good fit.

Our Opinion

pictures of 4 dogs wearing snow shoes

I have used these same boots for my Shepherd and they work well.

With the rugged construction and ease of use, they’re poised to help make your pet more comfortable during walks in challenging environments.

Overview of the XSY&G Dog Boots

dogs wearing shoes and text explaining benefits

When examining these dog booties, I was impressed by their quality.. The fabric is wear-resistant. These boots have a solid anti-slip sole, offering stability that’s crucial for dogs across various surfaces from slick tiles to sandy beaches.

The boots appear comfortable due to their soft, breathable material, which is a plus both indoors and outdoors.

I like these boots because they can be used in multiple conditions: cold, wet, or dry. Additionally, their adjustable velcro straps with reflective lines not only ensure a snug fit but also make them easy to see at night.

However, it’s worth noting that despite the waterproof label, these are not suitable for deep water or sandy conditions. Water or fine sand might seep in through the needle holes from stitching.

Overall, these dog boots from XSY&G are a solid investment for pet parents looking to offer their medium to large dogs paw protection.

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Waterproof and Weather Resistant

Rubber soles of dog shoes

The tough anti-slip soles of these dog shoes offer added stability, a feature that can help with mobility, especially on slippery surfaces like tile floors or during walks on moist ground. The material also provides a barrier against hot pavements and sharp objects that could potentially harm a dog’s paws.

Adjustability and fit are vital for keeping the boots on, and thankfully, these come with two long, reflective straps to prevent them from slipping off. Yet, it’s paramount that the straps are tightened correctly after putting them on the dog to ensure the boots stay secure.

While designed to be comfortable, protective, and functional for a dog’s outdoor activities, owners should still be mindful of not subjecting these boots to conditions that exceed their waterproofing and resistance capabilities.

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Adjustable for a Secure Fit

paw image with ruler for sizing shoes

We’ve all seen a poor pup awkwardly try to walk in boots that simply don’t fit right.

Finding a secure fit for your dog’s boots is essential to ensure they can walk, run, and play without any slip-offs or discomfort. With the XSY&G Dog Boots, securing them onto your dog’s paws is uncomplicated, thanks to the pull-on closure type, which promises a snug fit—a boon for our four-legged friends who weigh between 52 to 70 pounds.

size chart for dog shoe sizing

The reflective Velcro straps are not just there for visibility, but they also offer extra adjustability. This means that whether your dog has slimmer ankles or a bit more bulk, you can tighten or loosen the straps for that perfect non-slip fit.

It’s worth noting that these are hand wash only.

Reflective Velcro for Safety

We appreciate that the reflective feature is not just an afterthought but designed to wrap around the boot, maximizing visibility from multiple angles.

Ultimately, this feature gives me peace of mind. We know that our pets are more visible in situations where it’s crucial to be seen.

Pros and Cons

black dog shoes with paw print


  • Durability: Many customers appreciate the hard-wearing fabric and tough soles. Designed to endure, these boots withstand the wear and tear of active, large dogs engaging in outdoor activities like running and hiking.
  • Protection: The boots offer solid protection against various ground elements such as sharp thorns, hot pavement, and winter salt. Customers often note the effectiveness of the boots in shielding canine paws from heat, stones, and glass, particularly in harsh weather conditions.
  • Adjustable Fit: The Velcro straps, praised for their reflectiveness, offer a customizable fit and ensure the booties stay on, avoiding any accidental loss during excursions. Pet owners have found these straps helpful for securing the boots, providing peace of mind during use.
  • Comfort: The breathable material gets positive mentions for keeping dogs comfortable, allowing these booties to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use across different climates and environments, whether wet or dry.


  • Sizing Issues: Despite a detailed size chart, some customers experienced trouble finding the correct fit for their dogs, leading to exchanges. Ensuring an accurate fit is crucial for the effectiveness and stability of the shoes on the dog’s paws.
  • Learning Curve: Several reviews remark on the initial unease some dogs feel when wearing the boots for the first time. This is common for all dog shoes. It can take time for pets to adjust to the sensation of wearing shoes, which might require patience from the owner.
  • Maintenance: While the boots are reportedly easy to clean by hand, the requirement of regular maintenance to keep the Velcro fastenings clear of debris and functioning properly might be a minor inconvenience for some users.
  • Inconsistencies in Quality Control: There are sporadic reports of customers receiving the wrong size or encountering minor defects. Though these incidents appear to be exceptions, they are noteworthy for a potential buyer considering overall reliability.

Customer Reviews

Customer Rating

These boots are rated a 4.2 based on over 13,500 ratings.

Pet parents praise the boots for their durability, with the rugged sole receiving positive remarks for its non-slip quality. They are celebrated for being a game-changer for dogs with mobility issues, providing much-needed traction and stability.

However, the reviews also reflect some concerns. A few customers pointed out sizing issues, which were promptly resolved by the seller’s customer service. There’s a note of appreciation for the product’s reflective Velcro, which enhances visibility during outdoor activities.

While most reviews are positive, noting the boots’ effectiveness in protecting canine paws from harsh terrains and weather conditions, a smattering of feedback mentions the challenge of determining the right fit for their dogs. Overall, the consensus is that these boots are a reliable choice for medium to large dogs, significantly enhancing their outdoor experiences.

Final Thoughts

brown short coated dog on snow covered ground during daytime

Our assessment is that these dog boots strike a balance between functionality and comfort, and are a reliable choice for protecting your pet’s paws in adverse conditions. As with any pet product, individual experiences may vary, so we would advise measuring your dog’s paws accurately before purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure a proper fit?

Measurement is crucial. Measure the paw’s width for the best fit, and compare it to the size chart. Remember, snug boots stay on better during walks.

Are these boots suitable for winter?

Yes, they have a rugged, anti-slip sole that provides stability and traction, ideal for snowy conditions, and they keep paws warm and dry.

Can the boots be used on hot pavement?

Yes. The durable sole protects against hot surfaces, shielding your dog’s paws from potential burns.

Will the boots stay on during vigorous activity?

It depends on how vigorous.
The boots are designed with two adjustable Velcro straps for a secure fit, which will be good for walking, hiking and light running.

Are the boots waterproof for rainy-day walks?

While they are waterproof and can withstand wet conditions, avoid deep water or sandy areas as these elements can seep through the seams.

What if the sizing isn’t right for my dog?

It’s important to measure carefully before ordering. If the fit isn’t right, customer service can assist you in finding the correct size or resolving any issues.

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