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Dr. Fischer Baby Eyelid Wipes are marketed for human babies. However their gentle ingredients rival those of pet-only eye wipes.

Carefully formulated to be gentle on sensitive eyes, these wipes are free from preservatives and alcohol, ensuring a tear-free and non-irritating cleaning experience.

They’re rinse-free for maximum convenience and have been endorsed by leading healthcare professionals.

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Dr. Fischer Baby Eyelid Wipes

Whether you’re dealing with sticky residue from sleep, reactions to environmental allergens, or concerns like clogged tear ducts and conjunctivitis, these wipes are designed with eye health in mind.

Their effectiveness in removing dust, crust, and secretions makes them a practical choice for pet parents seeking to alleviate common eye discomforts.

Our Opinion

Dr. Fischer Baby Eyelid Wipes are definitely worth trying out.

They are convenient, tear-free, and backed by medical professionals.

These wipes are a solid choice for daily use.

Overview of the Wipes

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These eyelid wipes stand out for their safe formulation.

These wipes are a viable solution for cleaning your pets eyes daily.

They are formulated to be gentle, without the harsh chemicals that can lead to tears or discomfort.

Research and testing back the effectiveness of the product with endorsements from Ophthalmologists, Dermatologists, and Pediatricians.

One of the key benefits of these wipes is their ease of use. They come pre-moistened and are individually wrapped to prevent contamination. Something lacking in most dog and cat eyelid wipes.

While the product enhances cleanliness and prevents conditions from worsening, remember that they should complement rather than replace any medicinal treatments for eye conditions.

Also, despite the hypoallergenic claim, it’s always prudent to perform a patch test prior to regular use to ensure no allergic reaction occurs.

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Key Features

dr fischer eye wipes in individual packaging

When considering eye care products for your pets, safety, and effectiveness are at the top of your priority list.

Preservative-Free Formula

The formulation of these wipes is designed to be delicate on the skin, steering clear of preservatives and other common irritants.

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Specialist Endorsements

Trusted by ophthalmologists, pediatricians, and dermatologists, the wipes have garnered endorsements from specialists who often recommend them for babies and children of all age groups. The ingredients suggest they are also safe for pets of all ages.


  • Gentle formula that’s free from preservatives and alcohol.
  • No need to rinse after applying
  • Individually wrapped for convenience and safety
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Wipes are which can harder to use around the eyes
  • Higher Price point than some dog and cat wipes

Customer Reviews

Customer Rating

These wipes have an impressive 4.5 rating from over 900 reviews.

Dr. Fischer’s baby eyelid wipes have a strong reputation.

Many have highlighted the convenience and effectiveness of these wipes in cleaning and helping with clogged tear ducts.

The soft and moist texture is repeatedly praised for being gentle on sensitive skin, which is crucial when dealing with the skin around the eyes.

On the flip side, some feedback pointed to the price being slightly higher than expected. Despite this, the wipes’ sterility and the ability to use a single large wipe for both eyes may make them worth the cost for many pet parents.

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Final Thoughts

When considering your pets eye care, Dr. Fischer’s Eyelid Wipes offer an alternative to traditional pet eye wipes.

They offer a good balance of efficacy and gentleness.

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