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Looking to protect your furry friend’s paws from harsh terrains or adverse weather conditions?

CovertSafe Dog Boots could be just what you need.

Geared for medium to large dogs, these non-slip, waterproof booties come in a striking black-red combination that marries style with functionality.

CovertSafe& Dog Boots

Users have found these booties to be durable, crediting the rugged sole with providing their pups stability on various surfaces. The secure, adjustable fit is another praised feature, with reflective straps for added safety during night walks.

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Our Opinion

For dogs venturing into the outdoors, we think CovertSafe Dog Boots are a solution worth trying out.

Their quality construction and thoughtful design cater to a pet’s need for comfort and your need for peace of mind.

Overview of CovertSafe Dog Boots

pink and black dog boots

The boots are not only practical with their anti-slip and waterproof features but also stylish, thanks to the pet paw embroidery.

The quality of the boots is upheld with rugged soles sewn into high-quality fabric, ready to handle diverse terrains.

Securing the boots is straightforward due to the adjustable reflective straps and a split seam opening, ensuring they stay on and make your dog noticeable at night.

Though robust, you’ll need to hand wash them for maintenance.

The Convertsafe Boots are good for active and larger dogs in the 52-70 lbs range.

They can help protect your dog’s paws from extreme temperatures and sharp objects. However, one point to consider is whether the height of the boots meets your dog’s specific needs, as some may prefer a boot that offers more coverage.

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Quality and Durability

pink and black dog boots with hard sole

These boots are constructed with a rugged sole that provides traction and protection on varied terrains. Users have found that, once properly fitted and secured, the boots stay on during walks and play, safeguarding against abrasive surfaces that can affect your dog’s paws.

The waterproofing quality is another feature that stands out. Whether walking through wet grass or puddles, these booties work to keep paws dry, which is essential for pets with allergies or sensitivities as moisture can exacerbate these conditions. This attention to keeping the paw area dry has received praise from pet owners dealing with allergic reactions affecting their dog’s feet.

Overall, the CovertSafe& Dog Boots are a practical investment for your dog’s paw protection. With a solid mix of durability and protective features, they are a beneficial addition to your pet care essentials. Keep in mind that durability can be contingent on choosing the right size and maintaining a secure fit for your dog’s comfort and the boots’ long-term wearability.

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Adjustability and Safety Features

The inclusion of two reflective, adjustable straps serves a dual purpose. Not only do these straps assist in achieving a snug fit around your dog’s paws which prevents slipping. They also ensure visibility during night outings, adding an essential safety component to your dog’s gear.

Protective Sole

pink and black dog boots with a reflective strap

The rugged sole on these booties offers a blend of durability and stability for outdoor activities. You’ll appreciate that the materials are sewn together, which enhances the booties’ resilience on rough terrain.

It’s crucial, however, to note that while the sole is designed to protect against the elements, the level of protection is proportional to the fit on your dog’s paws.

The design prioritizes traction to prevent slipping, providing peace of mind during walks on slippery surfaces.

daily wear and tear will eventually take its toll, so don’t expect the booties to last indefinitely. Maintenance is straightforward with a hand wash only policy, making cleanliness a simple affair. In summary, they offer a satisfactory balance of protection and functionality for medium to large dogs.

Reflective Straps for Visibility

These boots are equipped with adjustable reflective straps that are not just there for decoration, they serve a crucial purpose. They catch the light, enhancing your dog’s visibility to others, which is particularly important if you’re walking near traffic or in poorly lit areas.

Sizing for Convert Safe Boots

paw outline and ruler to help with sizing dog boots

If your dog weighs between 52-70 lbs, size 6 boots with dimensions of 2.9”x2.5” will offer a snug fit.

Make sure to refer to the sizing guide to ensure a proper fit.

Ensuring the boots are tightly fastened is crucial for keeping them on your dog’s feet, as they might otherwise slip off.

Pros and Cons


  • Non-Slip Sole:
    The boots come with a rugged, non-slip sole which increases stability. It also means your dog is less likely to slip.

  • Waterproof Design:

    These booties are waterproof, protecting your dog’s paws from wet conditions and making them suitable for outdoor activities.

  • Quality Materials:

    They are crafted from high-quality fabrics sewn together

  • Adjustability & Safety:

    Featuring easily adjustable, reflective straps, these boots ensure a secure fit while enhancing your dog’s visibility during night walks.

  • Customer Service:
    The brand offers customer service support to assist with any questions or issues you may have, supporting you post-purchase.


  • Sizing Issues:

    There might be some challenges in getting the right fit, since sizing is based on the boot’s inner diameter, and manual measurements can lead to errors.

  • Maintenance:

    These boots are hand washable which makes them a bit more high maintenance

Customer Reviews

Customer Rating

CovertSafe Dog Boots are rated a 4.2 with over 6,700 reviews.

Pet parents appreciate the non-slip, waterproof features of these booties, which come in handy for outdoor adventures with medium to large dogs.

While the protection is generally reliable, some users have expressed the desire for a design that offers more coverage, particularly for dogs needing extra care due to age or health issues.

Overall, the consensus is that these dog boots meet the needs of pets requiring foot protection, as long as they are fitted correctly.

Final Thoughts

dog wearing pink and black boots on rainy street

CovertSafe Dog Boots offer a practical solution for your medium to large furry friend.

These boots have been praised for their durability and non-slip, waterproof design, which is essential for keeping your dog’s paws safe from outdoor irritants and extreme temperatures.

Customers have noted that they stay on well, which is crucial during active times.

These are one of the few boots on the market that offer waterproof protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do boots provide for a dog’s paws?

Dog boots serve multiple purposes, such as protecting paws from hot pavement, slippery floors, and sharp objects. They can also prevent allergens from causing irritation and reduce the risk of infection in cuts or scrapes. For pets with foot sensitivities, boots act as a barrier, providing comfort during walks.

Is the investment in hiking boots for dogs justified for outdoor activities?

When it comes to outdoor adventures, rugged terrain can prove challenging for your dog’s paws. Investing in quality boots ensures their paws are shielded from abrasive surfaces, rocks, and thorns.

Under what circumstances should a dog wear boots?

Boots are advisable when:
* Walking on hot or cold surfaces to prevent burns or frostbite.
* Trekking on rugged terrain to avoid injuries.
* Strolling in areas where there may be dangerous debris.
* If your dog licks his paws, boots can provide a barrier to outdoor allergens.

What features should one look for when choosing dog boots for different terrains?

When selecting boots for varied terrains:
* Look for a rugged, hard sole to navigate rocky or uneven surfaces.
* Ensure adjustable fit options are available, such as secure strap closures.
* Reflective elements are important for visibility during low-light conditions.
* A comfortable interior assists in longer walks.
* Opt for high-quality fabrics to withstand different outdoor elements.

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